18th May 2017

3 Easy Recipes That Help You Tan

You are what you eat, and that saying holds true even when it comes to achieving that beach goddess glow. As how muscles are built in the kitchen, so is your tan. Did you know that certain foods actually help promote tanning? Now that beach season is just around the corner, get cracking on the cooking and bring any of these 3 healthy meals along the next time you’re heading out to get your glow on.

Hearty Carrot Soup


Why carrots: Many tanning products contain the same beta-carotene from carrots that promote the colouration of skin.

What you’ll need: 6 medium carrots (sliced), 2 stalks of celery (sliced), 1 medium yellow onion (chopped), 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 2 litres of vegetable stock, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 600ml Greek yoghurt (optional)

How you’ll make it: Fry onions in olive oil until translucent. Add celery and carrots and cook for 5 minutes. Add chicken stock and nutmeg and cook until carrots are tender, then blend all ingredients together. Stir in Greek yoghurt just before serving.  


Refreshing Mango and Pineapple Salsa

mango salsa 

Why mango: Mangoes are also loaded with beta-carotene (found in most red, yellow and orange foods) that promote a healthy tan. Mangoes are also a wonderful source of vitamin C, that help to combat dryness caused by sun exposure.

What you’ll need: 1 ripe mango (peeled and cubed), 1 cup pineapple (diced), ½ cup minced red onion, 1 jalapeno pepper (seeded and sliced), 3 tablespoons lime juice, 3 tablespoons chopped cilantro, salt and pepper

How you’ll make it: Toss all ingredients together and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve with tortilla chips or over grilled meats like chicken or pork


Diet-friendly Spinach and Strawberry Salad


Why spinach: Dark leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli and spinach contain high levels of beta-carotene and lutein. Both minerals are highly effective in protecting your skin against harmful UV rays as well as aiding in melanin production that gives your skin that beautiful glow.

What you’ll need: 100g of spinach (chopped), 100g of strawberries (sliced into half), 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 50g feta cheese, 50g walnuts, handful of sunflower seeds, salt and pepper

How you’ll make it: Combine ingredients in a large bowl and toss. Season with salt and pepper to taste just before serving. You can add shrimp or smoked salmon for an added protein boost.