27th April 2017

3 Times You Think You’re Sun Safe (But Actually Aren’t)

Imagine this: you’ve spent several hours in the great outdoors, posted some great photos on your Instagram account and maybe even got in a good workout. All is fine and well, then you realize you’re sunburnt, and end up spending the next few days slathering on aloe vera to ease the pain.

If that sounds familiar, you might have been in one of these 3 situations that made you think you were sun safe.



A windy day

Many people have the misconception that on windy days, you don’t need sunblock. It couldn’t be further from the truth, as the wind has absolutely no effect on the intensity of UV rays. A windy day simply makes you feel cooler and brings down your body temperature, affecting your perception of heat. You might not feel that it is “hot” enough for you to get sunburnt, but the reality is you still need sunblock (minimum SPF30) so long you’re headed outdoors. Opt for a sunblock that absorbs easily and provides both UVA and UVB protection, like our Ultra Protect Sunscreen SPF30 PA++ that is formulated with hydrating Aloe, vitamins C & E for supple skin!



At Your Office

Just because you spend most of your day in the office doesn’t mean you’re sun safe! No, it’s not because of fluorescent lights (while they do emit UV radiation, it isn’t strong enough to harm your skin) – it’s the windows. Clear glass allows up to 75% of UV rays to pass through, and tinted or reflective glass anywhere between 25-50%. If you’re seated near a window, opt for our Protect&Hydrate Sunscreen continuous spray in SPF50+. It’s easy-to-apply formula contains vitamins C and E to nourish your skin, and aloe vera for added moisture, making it perfect for everyday use.


shade 2

Beach time lounging

You’re lounging on a sunbed on the beach in the shade of palm trees, reading a Kindle while sipping on a cocktail (or two). There’s a cool breeze and you’re barely even breaking a sweat, so why the sunburn? Similar to snow, sand and water also reflect UV rays that harm your skin, even if you haven’t gotten into the water yet. On days like this, or if you’re just taking a stroll along the beach, apply a higher SPF sunblock, like our SunComfort Sunscreen continuous spray in SPF50+. Bonus: if you decide to frolic in the sand, this sunblock features a unique formula that allows you to easily brush off sand.

Note, whatever condition you are in, remember to re-apply your sunblock every 2 hours!