5th June 2017

5 Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Planning a getaway soon? You may want to check out sustainable travel, which benefits the local ecology and economy of a place while giving you experiences that are authentic and life-changing. Pack your bags, Banana Boat sunscreen and head to these 5 locations for your next green vacation!

Kerala, India


Home to hundreds of animal species and almost a quarter of India’s 10,000 plant species, Kerala is said to be one of the country’s most unspoiled corners. Many of the state’s forests are protected, with tourism getting a boost from the environmentally-responsible travellers heading to this state. Must-visit locations include Rajamala National Park, home of the nilgiri tahr, an endangered mountain goat, and Lake Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary where elephants, bison and wild boar roam freely.


With fifty national parks and preserves and a coastline that features pristine white sand and glorious coral reefs, Kenya is an eco-traveller’s dream come true. Ecotourism Kenya, a government initiative, protects its native flora and fauna via community outreach projects and widespread education. Concerned about the impact your holiday has on the African nation? Lodges in Kenya are rated according to their environmental policies so you understand exactly how your vacation affects the local environment.


Small and surprisingly sustainable, the nation of Slovenia has green credentials any earth-loving nation would be proud of. Voted European Green Capital in 2016, its capital Ljubljana claims to be the first European city to move towards zero waste with city buses that run on natural gas and an urban electric train. Away from the city, eco-farms lend visitors a peek into the life of locals.


JUNE ARTICLE palau main
One of the world’s most prominent diving destinations, Palau’s pristine waters and vibrant underwater life were in danger of man’s unnecessary interference. These days, its government continues to ensure that the country’s natural resources remain untouched by humans. Almost 500 miles of reefs have been designated as no-fishing zones so that endangered fish species can repopulate the area. Another eco boost is The Palau Conservation Society, which oversees about two dozen conservation zones and encourages sustainable development.

Costa Rica

costa rica
Traverse through lush rainforests, national parks and nature reserves in this Central American country. Take it easy at eco-lodges; from practical to posh, complete with facilities such as organic farm-to-table dining, heated rock pools for baths and tours led by experts in sustainable tourism. A national rating system that ranks lodgings based on their environmental diligence makes this destination one of the leaders in eco-tourism.