25th May 2017

Which Sunblock Is For You?

While having too much is always better than having too little (in most cases), being confronted with a wide range of options while sunblock shopping can be a little overwhelming. Do you really need SPF110 protection, or will SPF30 suffice? Will using a non-sports sunblock for outdoor workouts offer enough protection?

Don’t fret: here’s the lowdown on exactly which Banana Boat products you should get.


The Beach Bunny

beach bunny 

Every minute spent away from the shore is a minute wasted, and you’d take sand between your toes over a pair of heels any day. Whether you’re chilling on a beach blanket and soaking up the Vitamin D or engaging in stand-up paddle board, nothing makes you happier than being coated by the salty spray of the sea.

Get our: SunComfort SPF50++ sunblock in either lotion or continuous spray. Its unique formula allows wearers to easily brush off sand, so the only thing you bring home is a good tan! It offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, and relieves dryness thanks to its moisturizing properties. This sunblock is also very water resistant, just remember to reapply after you’re done swimming!


The Outdoor Workout Fiend

workout fiend 

You avoid indoor gyms like the plague and prefer to do your sweating outdoors in the sun. Whether you are rock climbing, skiing, cycling or going for a run around the neighbourhood, the fresh air and great outdoors are your main motivators to push hard.   

Get our: Clear UltraMist Sport Sunscreen continuous spray in SPF110++. Offering the highest SPF protection in our entire product range, it helps protect skin from sunburn and long-term damage through its advanced UVA/UVB formula, and it’s highly sweat and water resistant to boot. It’s easy-to-apply packaging also means you don’t have to waste a minute of sunshine – simply spray and go! 


The Parent


It is your duty to ensure your little one gets enough fresh air and vitamin D, and weekends are mostly spent at a park or by the beach. From family picnics to even just one-on-one time at the playground, nothing makes you prouder than seeing your kid embracing the outdoors and playing the “natural” way. iPad, what?

Get our: UltraMist Kids Tear-free sunscreen continuous spray in SPF50++. This sunblock offers a quick-drying formula in a convenient spray packaging that’s perfect for kids that just can’t still long enough! It’s especially important to ensure your kid gets sufficient coverage, as the younger they are, the more sensitive their skin. This sunblock is also hypoallergenic and tear-free, so your kid can enjoy the sunshine without a worry. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours!


The Everyday Warrior

everyday warrior 

You live for the hustle, and whether you spend your days in an office or working from home, nothing gives you’re a bigger adrenaline rush than getting things done. You might not spend a lot of time under the sun, but you still manage to get in your vitamin D while grabbing lunch or between meetings.  

Get our: Protect&Hydrate Sunscreen continuous spray in SPF50+ that also doubles as a moisturizer for supple, hydrated skin. Offering UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection in a formula enriched with aloe vera and vitamins C&E, this easy-to-apply sunblock is lightweight, non-greasy and perfect for everyday use.


The Bronzed God/Goddess

bronze goddess 

You are all about that sun-kissed glow, and you actually put in effort in maintaining your tan. Whether you’re soaking up the rays poolside or surf-side, you dedicate a good amount of your time getting your skin to that perfect shade of bronze.

Get our: Protective Dry Oil continuous spray in SPF15++. Formulated with super moisturizing coconut, argan, olive and grape seed oil, this tanning spray is every sun lover’s best friend. It ensures you get the perfect tan without drying out your skin, and is very water resistant just in case you need to jump into the water to cool off! It even offers SPF protection to ensure you’re sun protected while getting your glow on. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours, and take breaks during your tanning session!